2. Why not porn ? This article gives some reasons to avoid it….


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  5. Saving this link to watch later….


  6. Weekend recap….

    Saturday got the dogs groomed then went to Best Buy and bought an iPad mini w/retina . Very nice ! I played with the pad for a while then started web surfing on my laptop. Bad move ! I ended up staying up ‘til midnight which combined with daylight savings time made for a very sluggish day Sunday and I missed church….

    Good start today though; went walking for 40 minutes before work. I do need to make a point of getting more walking in….

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  7. I think I would have withdrawl symptoms if I tried to stay off line for very long. It’s strange how one becomes so attached to things. I was over 40 when I first discovered the internet, now it’s like a prosthesis…..

  8. Katie’s Take Can you imagine a life without your devices? No Smartphone. A status update desert. A flightless Twitter bird. The thought alone may be terrifying. Author and Comedian Baratunde Thurston did it – and survived to tell the tale. The constant digital presence of the self-proclaimed “social media guy,” caused Thurston to hit a […]



  10. Saturday morning….

    Up early have coffee surf the web….

    More coffee, do a spreadsheet…..

    Next up…. 




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