1. Christian Universalist and World Religions site….



  3. I suppose if that’s what you’re into, might even be fun. But I would hesitate to call it church. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with drinking beer and singing, but it’s not church. 

    I think the church just has to face it that some people are not interested in church; rather than trying to morph into something that has little or no resemblance to church….


  4. The orthodox Christian answer — and one with which I concur — is that the Bible is not actually God’s word. Jesus the Christ is God’s Word, and the Bible is the unique testimony to Jesus. Insofar as the Bible witnesses to God’s revelation of Godself in Jesus of Nazareth, then the Bible is the testimony to the Word of God — but the Bible in and of itself is not God’s word.





  8. Really busy at work all day but I made it to church this evening. Today is Maundy Thursday…..



  10. A brief history and some of the traditions of Lent….




  13. Today is Epiphany. The day the Christ was revealed…..



  15. "There is no way home, Home is the way"