2. Hilarious TED Talk about orgasm….


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  5. Excellent talk ! It is every man’s responsibility to speak up rather than say nothing !



  7. Jeff Speck: The walkable city #TED :



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  10. We are rapidly changing from a market economy to a market society. This is NOT a good thing….


  11. Interesting, things are not always as they seem….


  12. Tania Luna: How a penny made me feel like a millionaire #TED :


  13. Here’s another good TED talk about the microbial ecosystem we live in or as the speaker says “the microbes that live on us and in us” http://goo.gl/34ycC


  14. Our bodies and homes are covered in microbes — some good for us, some bad for us. As we learn more about the germs and microbes who share our living spaces, TED Fellow Jessica Green asks: Can we design buildings that encourage happy, healthy microbial environments? 

    Check out this TED talk…..http://goo.gl/3NL43


  15. Interesting TED talk on the downside of having too many choices in life…..