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Open Culture | The best free cultural & educational resources on the web; movies, books, courses…..

Lore | an online learning site…..

Shabana Basij-Rasikh: Dare to educate Afghan girls

There is hope ! Shabana Basij-Rasikh: Dare to educate Afghan girls #TED :

I just finished Mind Amplifier: Can Our Digital Tools Make Us Smarter? (Kindle Single) by Rheingold, Howard on Kindle for Android!

The Wisdom Initiative | A workshop for creative, innovative thoughts on pursuing wisdom, justice and virtue in the human experience…..

Khan Academy | Learn almost anything for free….

What happens if you give a thousand Motorola Zoom tablet PCs to Ethiopian kids who have never even seen a printed word? Within five months, they’ll start teaching themselves English while circumventing the security on your OS to customize settings and activate disabled hardware. Whoa.

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