1. Our culture is so focused on vice that we are blind to virtue….


  3. Agreed, one ought not be having sex with 12 year olds. Nor should  12 year olds look or act like sluts or be sexually active….

    Furthermore, sluts (however defined) are in fact human beings worthy of respect and consideration….

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  4. The Atlantic: The Moral and Economic Imperative to Raise the Minimum Wage….

    Interesting to note that both Libertarians and Liberals can agree on this….




  7. I know I’m behind the times. I never watched this show but  reading this makes me want to. I think I will buy it and watch…..



  9. Interesting….




  12. thelittlephilosopherGhandi’s 7 Dangers To Human Virtue.

    1. Wealth without work, 2. Pleasure without conscience, 3. Knowledge without character, 4. Business without ethics, 5. Science without humanity, 6. Religion without sacrifice, 7. Politics without principle….

    Quite a list of common but nasty vices….



  14. So live wisely ! Excellent advice from The Wisdom Initiative.