1. I’ve been wearing a fitbit everyday for about a month now. So today I went walking at lunch time further than usual; when I finished I see that I already have my 10K steps in for the day !


  2. I’m doing pretty good with my fitbit. SInce I got it a week ago I have walked 50 miles….


  3. I just took my fitbit off for the day. I’m quite pleased, best day since I started with it: 15,481 steps total today !


  4. Saw this on Twitter this morning; marking it to read later….

  5. Makes sense…..


  6. Engaging in mindfulness and peace to end the suffering of an unhealthy lifestyle…


  7. I walked 2 miles on Saturday, walked an hour on Sunday, and walked 3.4 miles today. So now I’m tired….


  8. http://goo.gl/djMhu | Limit Screen Time, Limit Sitting

    Good idea but easier said than doneā€¦.


  9. update tuesday…..

    Worked from home today and got a lot done. I also worked out 20 minutes on my elliptical trainer in the afternoon and walked 35 minutes in the evening. All in all it was a good day…..


  10. To win we have to loose. Our obesity epidemic is in fact a national security issue of the highest magnitude !