1. Weekend recap….

    Saturday got the dogs groomed then went to Best Buy and bought an iPad mini w/retina . Very nice ! I played with the pad for a while then started web surfing on my laptop. Bad move ! I ended up staying up ‘til midnight which combined with daylight savings time made for a very sluggish day Sunday and I missed church….

    Good start today though; went walking for 40 minutes before work. I do need to make a point of getting more walking in….

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  2. Saturday morning….

    Up early have coffee surf the web….

    More coffee, do a spreadsheet…..

    Next up…. 


  3. an update….

    Been hyper busy at work for the past few weeks. So today another grueling day at the office. Followed up with a late afternoon dental appointment. GAWD ! Every time I see the dentist I feel like I’ve had a close encounter with a locomotive….

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  4. Late day at the office, but I did get my 10K steps in by walking at lunch time. Here’s hoping tomorrow is less hectic…..

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  5. Really busy at work all day but I made it to church this evening. Today is Maundy Thursday…..


  6. I just took my fitbit off for the day. I’m quite pleased, best day since I started with it: 15,481 steps total today !


  7. I was off the hook today for taking grandson to babysitter. So I left early for work and walked in the park in the dark. Nice walk but way too cold !

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  8. Two days, 1,000 miles. Now in Yooperland and it is cold !


  9. I had a cursory look at Windows 8 today at Best Buy. Looks nice but there will be a significant learning curve. They’re not selling it ‘til next week though…..


  10. So today I did a 3.2 mile walk after work. Now, I am right good and tired !

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  11. I called one of my Doctors today to verify my appointment time. They have a menu system on their phone with various options such as: make an appointment, get info etc. I called twice but they wouldn’t answer the phone. So for the third try I selected “accounts payable”…..

    They answered on the first ring !

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  12. I walked 2 miles on Saturday, walked an hour on Sunday, and walked 3.4 miles today. So now I’m tired….


  13. An update | I checked my BP this evening at WalMart. Very good 122/82 ! I think the new pills are helping….



  15. Reading update….

    80% through Holy Adventure: 41 Days of Audacious Living by Bruce G. Epperly on Kindle for Android! http://www.amazon.com/kindleforandroid/