1. Good movie, watched it Friday on pay per view…



  3. Here are links to three learning resources……

    Wikipedia | The original online encyclopedia that anyone can edit…

    Simple English Wikipedia | An alternative…..

    Citizendium |  A more structured alternative…..




  6. Really busy at work all day but I made it to church this evening. Today is Maundy Thursday…..






  11. Wandering Around in the Moral Dimension | In this article about the Nine Noble Virtues of Heathenry the concept of reciprocity is a major theme. Of course reciprocity does work well but as a Christian I have to ask: What about Grace ?


  12. Wikipedia Category | Esotericism


  13. The Five Mindfulness Trainings | Based on the Buddhist Precepts. A guide to right living by Thich NhatHanh. A concise and understandable guide to decent conduct suitable for everyone….


  14. http://goo.gl/xALkA | Heathenism portal on Wikipedia


  15. http://goo.gl/WuH95 | Is God violent ? Watch this to see what Brian McLaren says about it….