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If you understand it, it’s not God.
St Augustine (via purplefishie)
Conquer yourself rather than the world.
René Descartes (via thelittlephilosopher)

(via thelittlephilosopher)

There is something to be said for letting go, for risking the uncertain, for putting oneself in strong life currents with a rich mixture of faith and fear. Unknown pools sustain us, buoy us; forgotten instincts stretch our spirits to the surface where the air is clear and the water cold and refreshing.
Richard S. Gilbert (Unitarian Universalist, clergy, reformer, educator)

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There is truly no peace without justice, and those who shout “Peace! Peace!” without pointing a viable way to justice are collaborators with the oppressors just as surely as if they had supplied them with arms or turned the keys of their jail cells.
William F. Schulz (Unitarian Universalist, human rights activist, clergy, UUA President 1985-1993, Executive Director Amnesty International USA 1994-2006) What Torture Taught Me (2013)

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The good man is the friend of all living things.
Mahatma Gandhi  (via thelittlephilosopher)

(via thelittlephilosopher)


Simply Orthodox ☦: Be Watchful Over Yourself


So, brother, since the enemy watches you constantly, waiting for an opportunity to sow evil in you, be doubly watchful over yourself, lest you fall into the nets spread for you. As soon as he shows you some fault in your neighbour, hasten to repel this thought, lest it take root in you…

It is astonishing how soon the whole conscience begins to unravel, if a single stitch drops; one little sin indulged makes a hole you could put your head through
Charles Buxton (via revnaomiking)
As you do not know the path of the wind…so you cannot understand the work of God, the maker of all things.
Ecclesiastes 11:5  (via thelittlephilosopher)

(via thelittlephilosopher)

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